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Tribe provides resources to Six River Lightning Complex fire evacuees

Priority given to elders, vulnerable tribal citizens

The Yurok Tribe has formed a multidisciplinary team to respond to the needs of tribal citizens impacted by the Six Rivers Lightening Complex fires in the Willow Creek area as well as the decline in air quality on the upriver side of the reservation.

The Yurok Client Services Department is providing Yurok tribal evacuees $500 for emergency assistance The emergency assistance funds are available to all tribal elders and vulnerable adults, regardless of income level. Emergency funds are also available for all other Tribal citizens and families that meet certain income eligibility requirements The emergency assistance application can be found here: Client services can accept applications over the phone at (707) 951-6631 or via email The Yurok Office of Emergency Services strongly encourages anyone still in the evacuation zone to leave immediately.

Today, Yurok OES the met with the following tribal entities to mobilize resources for tribal residents in the Willow Creek area and on the reservation: Yurok Fire Department, Executive Office, YHHS, Client Services, Yurok THPO, Planning and Community Development Department, Environmental Department, Fiscal, Tribal Court, Human Resource, Yurok Public Information and Yurok Natural Resources Division.

On Sunday, Yurok OES helped several elders in the Willow Creek area evacuate in front of the Lightening Complex. Working in coordination with the Yurok Enrollment Department, Yurok Client Services and Yurok Health and Human Services, Yurok OES also reached out to elders living in the evacuation warning area. Here is a list of the most current evacuation orders and road closures: Emergencies

Non tribal agencies are pro viding assistance to evacuees too. The American Red Cross set up an overnight emergency shelter at the Trinity Valley Elementary School, located at 730 Highway 96, Willow Creek. There is a large animal shelter at the Hoopa Rodeo Grounds, located at 1767 Pine Creek Rd., Hoopa. For up to date information on the Six Rivers Lightening Complex

Announcements about the availability of additional resources will be made on this page.

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