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Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department

The Yurok Tribe’s relationship with the land and its many ecological components is rooted in the belief that humans are not outside of the natural world looking in, but rather an integral part of the ecosystem. The Tribe’s commitment to improving the relationship between humans and the natural world is exemplified in the Yurok Constitution, which mandates the Tribe to “restore, enhance and manage” natural resources in Yurok Ancestral Territory. The work of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department (YTWD) reflects this integrated and holistic approach. YTWD is committed to serving the needs of the Yurok Tribe and the natural resources of the region, through the management, research, conservation, and restoration of wildlife and the ecosystems in which they live.


Created in 2008, the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Program was established with the principal objective of determining if Yurok Ancestral Territory and surrounding lands provided suitable habitat for a reintroduced population of California condors. Now a Department within the Yurok Tribe Natural Resources Division, YTWD has grown dramatically and broadened in scope to include many other projects related to wildlife conservation and management, habitat restoration, ecosystem stewardship, Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act compliance, hunter education, and community outreach. YTWD continues to evolve and expand as it incorporates new and exciting conservation endeavors in response to increased capacity, advances in technology and analytics, and additional needs of the Tribe and Tribal lands.


YTWD focuses on conservation and management of individual species and entire ecological systems, while considering the effects of past, present, and future human activity. By working to improve these systems and restore balance in the natural world, we honor the amazing biodiversity and complex ecosystems in Yurok Ancestral Territory and the broader region, and contribute to their protection for enjoyment and use by future generations. We invite everyone to join us in appreciation of the natural wonders that surround us, embrace our role as responsible stewards, and realize the power that every individual has to enact positive change for humans, wildlife, and our shared planet.


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