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Education Department



To provide a wide-range of support services designed to ensure academic success while building and maintaining the Yurok cultural identity and assisting to provide for the health, education, economy and social wellbeing of our members and future members; and to preserve and promote our culture, language and religious beliefs and practices and pass them on to our children, our grandchildren, and to their grandchildren on, forever.

The Education Department can be reached at (707) 482-1350  

The Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee

will meet on the first Friday of each month

Priorities for the Coming Year

  1. It is a priority for the Education Department to continue to advocate and apply for increased funding for educational programs and services for the Yurok Tribe.

  2. To continuously improve the quality of services provided within all educational programs including Early Head Start, Head Start, Child Care, JOM K-12 tutoring, Yurok language, High school guidance services, and Higher Education.

  3. To increase the number of tribal members who are semi-fluent and fluent in the Yurok Language and culture.

  4. To continue to identify and document the educational needs, progress and success stories of our tribal members from all age groups.

  5. To increase the number of Yurok Tribal members who are graduating successfully from Early Head Start, Head Start, high school and college/university with a degree.

  6. To increase the number of Yurok Tribal members that apply for outside scholarship assistance to fund their higher education needs, including the FAFSA, the Yurok Housing Authority Assistance, the GATES Scholarship, the American Indian scholarship foundation, as well as other  outside scholarships.

Cobell Settlement funds are now available as Scholarships for both undergraduate college and graduate students attending an accredited college or university. If you need assistance with the application please call the Yurok Education Department at (707) 460-6910.  Please note the deadlines on both application sites.

Visit College Funds.Org

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