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Day Trips

Su-Mêg Village

Visit the recreated Yurok seasonal village - "Su-Mêg" - consisting of traditional style family houses, a sweathouse, changing houses, a redwood canoe, and a dance house. Located at Patrick’s Point State Park, the re-constructed village site is used to share Yurok culture with the public. It is also used for yearly Yurok traditional ceremonies. Modern amenities nearby include: a parking area, a covered cooking shelter, and picnic tables. The village is open every day to the public.


Hidden Beach Trail

Part of the Coastal Trail, this beautiful 4 mile hike follows coastal bluffs to Lagoon Creek. Turn West from Highway 101 onto Requa Road to get started.

Scenic Drive

Klamath Beach Drive is a dirt road and has an alternate route for trailers and RV's at Alder Camp Road (see map). Enjoy unobstructed views of the mouth of the Klamath and the ocean below at several overlooks. At one overlook, a trail leads to a World War II-era Radar station disguised as a farmhouse and barn. Eight miles down the road you will connect with the Newton B. Drury Scenic Byway in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, home to a resident herd of Roosevelt Elk.

Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon is one of the most spectacular hikes on the north coast. It is a very narrow, very steep rock canyon - draped in lush ferns- in the middle of an old-growth redwood forest. It is a one-of-a-kind geological formation that starts on an isolated, wind-swept beach.

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