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Tribal Council


Council Operations

A priority for the Council Operations office has been and continues to be documenting, tracking and securing all official tribal documents of the Yurok Tribal Council. Additionally, staff works with the Tribal Council in developing ways to provide better communication between the Tribal Council its employees, other agencies, the community and most importantly the Tribal membership.


Open Tribal Member Comment Periods


The Yurok Tribe offers open tribal member comment periods at the beginning of each Council meeting (10:00am), after lunch (1:00pm) and at the end of the meeting. You may also submit written comments to the Yurok Tribal Council at the following address:

Yurok Tribe
Attention: Council Operations
PO Box 1027 Klamath, CA 95548

For more information please contact (707) 482-1350 Ext, 1317 or


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