Our Mission

In accordance with the programs and priorities set by the Tribal Council, the Yurok Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for organizing and conducting Community Development for the Tribe.  The Planning Department assists in many areas of Community Development for the Tribal government and the Tribal membership.



*Water and Waste Water Systems, Electrification, Telephones, broadband, community buildings, and site plans.

Long Range Planning:

*Land Use Planning and Zoning

Transportation/Transit/Ferry Service

Realty/Probate/Land Assignments

Federal, State, and local agancy grant writing

Community Development Projects:


Klamath Youth Center, Redwood Hotel/Casino; Bald Hills Paving Project, Worthington School Purchase, Klamath Child Care Center, Yurok Justice Center, Yurok Visitors Center, Klamath Culture and Knowledge Park, Amphitheater, and Klamath Blvd Beautification project.


Ke-nek Administration Building, Transportation Program Building-Tulley Creek, Requa Water Distribution Line and Tank Replacement, Yurok Justice Center Expansion, Wautec Home and Facility Electrification Project, Continuing Bald Hills Paving, Yurok Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, and Klamath Water Storage Tank for drought purposes.