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The Office of the Tribal Attorney (OTA) provides support and acts as legal counsel to the Yurok Tribal Council. OTA represents the Tribal Council and the Yurok Tribe as a governmental entity. It is OTA’s responsibility to give input to the Council in regard to Tribal business. Additionally, OTA provides support and legal counsel to the various Tribal departments.

OTA cannot provide legal assistance to individual Tribal members.

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Yurok Tribal Court

230 Klamath Blvd
Klamath, CA 95548

Phone: 707.482.1350

Fax: 707.482.0105

Yurok Justice Center 

230 Klamath Blvd. Ste. A

Klamath, CA 95548

Phone: 707.482.1350
Fax: 707.482.0105

Eureka Office

3400 Erie St. Bldg. 34

P.O. Box 45

Eureka, CA 95501
Phone: 707.444.0433

Fax: 707.269.0645

Weitchpec Office

Highway 96

Weitchpec, CA 95546

Phone: 530.625.5000

Fax: 530.625.4148

Note to Employees:

No legal services or advice will be given to any employee without prior approval. If an employee wishes to meet with one of the attorneys they will be required to obtain prior approval from the Executive Director. Without this prior approval no contact will be permitted. Each department or employee will be required to fill out a request form for each item to be submitted to the Office of the Tribal Attorney.

Yurok Tribe

Klamath Office


190 Klamath Blvd., P.O. Box 1027,

Klamath, CA 95548

Phone: (707) 482 - 1350 

Fax: (707) 482 - 1377


Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:00pm

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