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Tribe Opens Community Resource Center in Klamath

Klamath Community, Much of Del Norte County Has Not Had Power in Nearly Three Days

The Yurok Community Resource Center is now open from 8am to 10pm at the Ada Charles Community Center/Office of Emergency Services Building on the Klamath Blvd. The resource center offers enclosed tables, chairs and charging ports for phones, laptops and other devices, including rechargeable CPAP batteries. Children’s coloring books and crayons are located next to the charging stations. Snacks, drinks and bathrooms are available too. There is also an extended trailer with a coffee machine and additional charging stations. It is warmer in the trailer during the morning and evening hours. Current information about the power outage, fires and resources will be posted at the Community Resource Center too.

There are two showers open at the Yurok Tribe’s Klamath headquarters. If you would like to take a hot shower, please bring your own towels and toiletries. The showers are open from 8:30am to 5pm. Over the weekend, the Yurok Tribe assembled an emergency response team comprised of representatives from each tribal department. On Sunday, tribal staff called all tribal elders in the affected areas to assess their needs and respond to exigent issues. Yurok Tribal Council members and staff have also made in person visit s to several elders. During the last two years, the Tribe has delivered generators to all Yurok elders and tribal citizen s with electronic medical equipment.

It is still unknown when the power will be restored in Del Norte County. Residents are encouraged to keep an eye out on vulnerable neighbors during this challenging time.

Please note the resources that already available in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties.


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