Environmental Program

Environmental Program

The Yurok Tribe Environmental Program's (YTEP) mission is to protect the lands, air and water resources of the Yurok Reservation for the benefit of current and future generations of tribal members.

YTEP staff utilize science, traditional knowledge and environmental regulation for the purposes of enhancing tribal sovereignty and expanding environmental regulatory authority of the Tribe to promote and protect these resources within the Yurok Reservation.

The Water Division focuses on protecting water resources for the Yurok Tribe through monitoring, research and permitting. Programs in this division include Water Quality, Tribal WQ Permitting, and Hydrology.

The Community and Ecosystems Division focuses on the interactions between environmental conditions and community health. Programs in this division include: Wetlands, Air Quality, Pesticides, Environmental Health, Climate Change, Brownfields and Environmental Research.

The Pollution Prevention Division focuses on protecting Yurok Reservation resources and lands through the integrated prevention and remediation of solid and hazardous waste. Programs in this division include the Underground Storage Tank Program, Solid Waste Management, Recycling, Source Water Assessment and Protection, Hazardous Materials Response, Environmental Complaints Investigation.

Information on Radiation & Fukishima Japan 

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