Pollution Prevention Division

Pollution Prevention Division

The Pollution Prevention Division's (P2) goal is to reduce or eliminate pollution currently existing within the Yurok Reservation boundaries, and prevent future incidents of contamination across Yurok lands. 



Underground Storage Tanks
Underground storage tanks, also known as USTs, are typically associated with fuel storage at your local gas station. Historically these USTs have been a source of petroleum contamination... Learn more.

Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste
The Pollution Prevention Division is the primary tribal entity responsible for ensuring that refuse is properly disposed. The division does this by creating and implementing a tribal integrated solid waste... Learn more.

Source Water Assessment and Protection
Identifying sources of drinking water in relation to possible contamination is paramount to ensure that all current and future tribal drinking water sources remain pristine and contaminant free... Learn more.

Environmental Complaints Investigation
Receive Environmental Complaints from Tribal Members on a variety of issues concerning the land. Work with Tribal Departments to resolve complaints as possible. Work with public safety and... Learn more.

Environmental Response
The Pollution Prevention Division is responsible for responding to all significant releases of toxic substances into the environment. P2 staff are trained to respond, assess, contain and cleanup... Learn more.

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