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Wetlands Program

Beginning in 2007, the wetlands program is the newest addition to the Water division, and currently the program is in its initial stages of development. Program goals and objectives are based on protecting and restoring wetlands on the Yurok Reservation. Wetlands are rare and valuable habitats and with hydrologic connections to the Klamath River, these complexes serve many important functions within the landscape. Wetlands have been altered and managed for over a century leading to the decline in quality and quantity of healthy wetlands due to anthropogenic stressors.

As a part of the Klamath River Estuary, wetlands play a vital role in the life stage development of salmonids from throughout the Klamath River Basin, in particular the endangered coho salmon. YTEP has been working closely with the Yurok Tribe Fisheries Program to monitor habitat conditions in Klamath River Estuary wetlands, to further understanding and develop land use management plans, protection needs, and restoration goals.

Through the use of GIS, YTEP is developing a digital inventory of wetlands on the Yurok Reservation. This will allow the Yurok tribe to track changes in wetlands over space and time due to climate change, development, and land use management. YTEP has been assessing and documenting the ambient condition of Yurok Reservation wetlands using the California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM). This data will be used as a baseline to monitor the changes in wetland quality over time, and develop relationships between wetland condition and wetland functions. In addition, YTEP is monitoring water quality in wetlands to further understanding, and develop water quality standards for wetlands. When these standards are fully developed they can be integrated in to the Yurok Tribe Water Quality Control Plan in order to increase regulatory enforcement.



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