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Geospatial Information Technology


G.I.T. Program

The Geospatial Information Technology program specializes in location intelligence within the Yurok Ancestral Territory for the Tribe and its members. The mission of the G.I.T. Program is to serve as part of the foundation for Yurok Tribal Departments, Organizations and Workgroups, by providing GIS Services, maps, land information, land records and technical support services. The G.I.T. Program utilizes spatial technologies with location intelligence such as mobile apps and spatial data within Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and land information integration to provide a comprehensive view of lands and activities across Yurok Territory.  

The G.I.T. Program is within the Information Technology department and provides services to all tribal departments. We are the clearinghouse for all internal GIS Data, which is the information that corresponds with a place on the earth’s surface (the geographic location). Examples include parcel lines, community locations, hydrologic features (rivers, creeks), roads, timber harvest units, and water systems, just to name a few. 

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GIS Data Distribution Agreement

& Request



This form is to be utilized by outside agencies who would like to make a request for GIS data. Please complete the data agreement and return to the GIS program. 


Downloadable Data


By downloading this data you agree that you only obtain the right to use the data and that no right, title, or interest in or to any copyrights, trademarks, or other proprietary rights relating to the data is transferred to you. This data is intended to be used for planning and assessment purposes only and is not intended for surveyed boundary use or any other legal use. The Yurok Tribe makes no warranty regarding the suitability, accuracy, or completeness of these data and assumes no liability or responsibility in the use if downloaded.

-Yurok Reservation Boundary-

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