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Yurok Language Program



The Mission of the Language Program

Our mission is to implement a program designed to restore the Yurok Language to the status of a living, flourishing language with speakers of all levels.

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Current Project

Kee Laa-yo-lue-mehl Scholarship

They will teach.


Project Goal:  Develop ten (10) dually credentialed, Yurok language teachers who will earn their American Indian Languages Credentials alongside their California State Teacher Credentials in order to teach Yurok, and other subjects, at the early childhood, multi- or single-subject, and/or collegiate levels.

Yurok Language Survival School and Restoration Project

Last year we applied for the three-year Esther Martinez Grant, and we were very fortunate to have been awarded the grant!

We also hired three new staff members! The Klamath site has welcomed Victoria Carlson as a Language Specialist II and the Weitchpec Elementary Yurok Magnet School will have two immersion teachers: Annelia Hillman and Chelsea Reed.

Project Goal:  Develop and implement a ½ day, cross-curricular Yurok immersion pilot program at the Weitchpec Elementary School Yurok Magnet Program on the Yurok Reservation.  Further, to develop the teachers and curriculum necessary to implement core subject immersion programs at the elementary schools that serve the Yurok Reservation.



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