The YTEP Solid Waste Program has two approved ordinances, which are actively enforced by YTEP, Public Safety, and the Yurok Tribal Court.  Copies of these ordinances are available through the Tribal Office or by choosing the links below:

The Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance: Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance

The Illegal Dumping Ordinance: Ordinance Prohibiting Illegal Dumping





Curbside Garbage Pickup Services

Residents of the Klamath area are served by Del Norte Disposal for curbside garbage service.  Their fee schedule and enrollment information is available on-line or by calling (707) 464-4181.


Residents of the upriver Reservation, including Weitchpec, Tully Creek, Pecwan, and Wautec, are served by the Yurok Tribe’s curbside pickup program.  The cost for bags decreases with the number of bags purchased (you can by 20 bags at once for a cheaper price than if you bought twenty individual bags).  Elders are given a discounted rate.  The schedule of fees is available here.  To enroll, fill out this form or contact Ken Henderson at (707) 482-1822 or contact Jennifer Crayton through the Weitchpec office at (530) 625-4130.


Weitchpec Transfer Station

The Weitchpec Transfer Station is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.  Motor oil, latex paint, and batteries may be dropped off free of charge.  There are fees for bags and truckloads of garbage, as well as disposal of bulky items and appliances.  Elder rates are offered to persons over 60.  The schedule of fees is available here.

Solid Waste Assistance

Between October 2004 and September 2005, YTEP offered solid waste assistance to eligible Tribal members in the amount of $500 each for equipment, cleanup, and disposal services.  The funding used to provide that assistance has been exhausted, but YTEP can still provide no-cost assistance to interested Tribal members in the form of equipment loan.  We have a 3-ton truck, a 16-foot trailer, and various pieces of hand-held equipment available for loan on limited terms, and are willing to work with motivated Tribal members to assist with cleanups whenever possible.  To apply, fill out this form.  For more information, contact Ken Henderson by email or at (707) 482-1822.


Illegal Dumping Reports

The Yurok Tribe takes illegal dumping very seriously.  If you notice illegally dumped materials in your area, contact Public Safety immediately.  In the Klamath area, you may call Public Safety at (707) 482-8185.  The Weitchpec Public Safety Office can be reached by calling (530) 625-4130.


Abandoned Vehicle Reports

Abandoned vehicles may be reported to public safety; see contact information given for illegal dumping reports.

Brownfields Inventory

A Brownsfields site is defined as any piece of property that the community perceives to contain contamination. Common examples of Brownfield site on the Yurok Reservation include former mills, gas stations, dump sites, mines, etc. Pollution Prevention Division (PPD) is in the process of inventorying all known Brownfield sites on the Yurok Reservation. Over the past two years PPD has inventoried over 300 potential sites reservation-wide from survey forms completed by the reservation community. As these sites are verified by site visit, they will be posted to the online Brownfields Web Inventory and the Underground Storage Tank (UST)/Underground Injection Control (UIC) Web Inventory. Please contact Ken Henderson, at (707) 482-1822, with any questions regarding the web inventory or if you would like to inform PPD of a new potential Brownfields site.