Are you in an abusive relationship? (cont.)


Reasons why victims stay in abusive relationships.

  • Self-Blame - some survivors don't recognize the IPV abuse. Instead they believe if they were better partners the abuse wouldn't happen and therefore the abuse is their fault and not the perpetrator's.

  • Fear of Perpetrator - survivors have a higher rish of being killed when they attempt to leave and or the fear someone or something they love will be hurt if they try to leave.

  • Loyalty/Love for the Perpetrator - most survivors wil try harder to please the abuser and the abuser is usally very charming during the courting phase. This makes it difficult for the survivor to alter their feelings when abuse happens.

  • Minimization of the Abuse/Crime - often survivor will diregard the abuse believing the abuser won't do it again or that it wan't that serious.

  • Cycle of Violence - abuser will keep the survivor in a constant cycle to keep the survivor and therefore maintain his/her power and control.


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