Are you in an abusive relationship? (cont.)


What does Abuse look like?

  • Verbal: Threats of harm, to take children away, and to commit suicide. Put downs. Name-calling. Sarcasm.

  • Physical: Slapping. Hitting. Spitting. Punching. Pushing. Kicking. Strangling/Chocking. Restraining. Burning. Shaking. Using weapons.

  • Emotional: Emotional abuse is about systematically terrorizing a perosn in order to tear down their spirit/self-worth. If there is physical abuse in a situation, emotional abouse can make a person feel like the violence is their fault. EX: Manipulation. Possessiveness. Accusing a person of sleeping around. Intimidation. Denial. Withdrawl. Jealousy.

  • Sexual: Rape. Using foreign objects without consent, forcing sexual acts, physically attacking sexual parts of the body, forcing sex with others, grabbing or touching in sexual places without consent.

  • Cultural:Competing over 'Indian-ness'. Miinterpreting culture to prove male superiority/female submission. Using relatives to beat up a person. Telling them they are too 'Indian' or not 'Indian' enough.

  • Financial: Preventing your partner form working. Making your partner ask fo money. Giving your partner an allowance. Taking all of partner's money. Ruining your partner's credit with evictions an unpaid credit card debt.

  • IPV can manifest in a variety of ways and is seldom isolated to one form of abuse. IPV is about having POWER & CONTROL over another. It's not about losing control or losing one's temper. Any and all forms of abuse are used to maintain the POWER & CONTROL.

  • Power and Control Wheel

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