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Welcome to Yurok Scenic Byway Project


bald hills

Yurok Scenic Byways Defining Documents: Summaries 4/25/2011

Highway 101

Highway 169 South

Bald Hills Road


Yurok Scenic Byways Designation Criteria:

We decided to use four Resource Values to determine a byway is eligible:

1.) Scenic

2.) Cultural

3.) Natural

4.) Recreational

Process for Tribal Designation:

  • . Need a Designation Proposal/Inventory Summary Report

  • . Hold a round (1mtg-Klamath/1mtg-Weitchpec) of public mtgs

  • . Resolution passed by Tribal Council

***Upon designation of a byway, a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) will be drafted to aid the ongoing implementation and management of the byway. This will be a comprehensive document including marketing plans to promote the byway and interpretive management elements to ensure preservation of Resource Values recognized in the designation***

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