June Phrases of the Month 2009

Set 3 of 5 of survival words you would need to know in order to survive a Yurok Language immersion camp


  Yurok grammar session at the 2007 Yurok Language Institute                     Jimmie James telling stories in Yurok at Yurok Language Institute

    25. Che'-look-sek', I'm thirsty                           31. Cher-wer-ses(______)! Point (to _____)!

    26. Che'-look-sem' hes?, Are you thirsty?       32. Meyhl-o-nes(___)! Touch (it)!

    27. Cho' saa-a-goch-em'!, Speak Yurok!        33. Hee-merk-se(r)s! Hurry up!

    28. Kues soo ne-key?, What is it called?        34. O'-lo-mah! Come in!

    29. Kues soo hey-go-lem'? How do you say? 35. To' kee kem ney-wo-chek, I will see again

    30. Wey-nos!, Come here!                              36. Chuue', Good bye