May Phrases of the Month 2009

Set 2 of 5 of survival words you would need to know in order to survive a Yurok Language immersion camp

Elders: Jimmie James, Aileen Figueroa, Georgiana Trull, and Archie Thompson during the Community Language Forum at Potawot UIHS

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   12. Skue-yen', Good                                           18. Eee, Eey, Yes

   13. Kem ko soch, Say it again                            19. Paa', No

   14. Kues son'?, Whats going on?                       20. Hech-peyr'!, Listen!

   15. Nee-mokw son', Nothing going on                21. Keech Ha-pehl, I forget

   16. Chee-kol' son', Everything going on              22. Chee-wey-ek, I am hungry

   17. Chuue-kwe-nes!, Sit down!                           23. Chee-wey-em' hes?, Are you hungry?