Social Services Links

Social Services Links

Monthly Cash Assistance

Social Services offers monthly cash assistance to eligible individuals and families under both the General Assistance (GA) Program and the TANF Program.  Under the GA program individual tribal members residing in Humboldt or Del Norte counties who have limited or no income and are not eligible for other public assistance and who are considered “unemployable” may be eligible.  Under the TANF program, tribal families living in Humboldt/Del Norte counties excluding other reservations who meet income guidelines and other program requirements may be eligible for monthly cash assistance for the support of dependent children.

Case Management & Supportive Services

Social Services provides case management and supportive services, including goal development and monthly support, community based referrals and crisis intervention.

Child Safety, Family Advocacy & Indian Child

Welfare Advocacy

Social Services works to keep Yurok children safe and to remain in their families and community by ensuring the Indian Child Welfare Act is being followed and families receive culturally appropriate services.

Utility Assistance

Social Services can assist low income Yurok families with their energy assistance needs, such as wood, propane, and electricity. This program has limited funding is only available until funds are depleted.

Parenting Services

Social Services offers parenting instruction and support through classes in the Incredible Years and Motherhood and Fatherhood is Sacred.

Alcohol & Other Drug Services

Social Services offers alcohol and other drug assessments, individual counseling, referrals and support groups.

Nutritional Assistance

Social Services offers nutritional assistance through the provision of USDA Food Commodities and produce to low income tribal members residing within rural areas of Humboldt, Del Norte, and Curry Counties (and other low income individuals residing on the Yurok reservation) who are not receiving food stamps or SSI.  Social Services also maintains two community gardens and offers distribution of fish to elders and nutritional classes that include gathering, preserving and preparation of traditional foods.

Elder Advocacy & Services

It is the goal of Social Services to reduce the incidences of elder abuse by providing advocacy, reduce isolation, and increase community awareness. Elder advocates do home assessments, referrals, activities and assist with potential elder abuse situations. 

Youth Life Skills & Leadership Development

Social Services seeks to help young people become our next generation of leaders by offering throughout the year activities which may include: youth council, healthy relationships instruction, life skills instruction,  cultural activities, employment training and preparation, case management, and juvenile justice advocacy.

Employment Assistance

Social Services can assist individuals in seeking employment through resume building, job search, and volunteer opportunities. Under the TANF program, eligible adult and youth subsidized employment opportunities are offered yearly.

Burial Assistance

Social Services provides burial assistance up to $2500 to tribal members.

Child Care Assistance

Social Services can provide child care assistance to tribal families living in Humboldt/Del Norte counties, excluding other reservations, who meet income guidelines and are currently employed.

Liheap Plan FY2014

Title IV B Plan 2014-2018

Draft ICWA Manual

Draft Childrens Code


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