Yurok Tribal Seal

The Yurok Tribal Seal was commissioned by the Yurok Tribal Council and designed by Tribal Member Tony Sylvia. Mr. Sylvia describes the meaning of the Tribal Seal below:

The concept of the Seal came from the Elders and Tribal Council, long discussions of what would representational of our people being from the coast and inland.

The design around the Seal was chosen for its representation of the hands of the frog. Our legends teach us that whenever you came across a dead frog on the road, you were to pick it up and remove it from the road. And some day he would return the favor if you became sick. So the design was for healing and placed in a circle as we dance in circles and with our hands joined together for unity. The design goes both directions for our inner and outer self.

The river is our highway in which our people travel and the canoe was the main mode of transportation, and is believed to be a living part of our people, we fished, hunted and traded in them.

The Salmon is the most important fish in the river, our people continue to sustain their families from the salmon, as it has always been and will be.

The Oregos rock is a wonderful story in itself and has always intrigued people from afar and locally. Oregos was believed to be a woman who was making basket with child on her back, her legs were crossed and while working on her basket in her lap, when she grew tired she would shift her leg position. In my lifetime, this has happened several times. It is from this story, we say that when the mouth of the Klamath River changes directions, that Oregos has shifted her leg position.

The Pla-gauk represents our people's blood and the brilliant red represents the strength of survival. The Pla-gauk is used by our men in our ceremonial dances, which is held to send our prayers for our world renewal.

The string of Dentalia represents the money our people used and represents so many aspects of yesterday and today and the way in which it is displayed represents how our creator has always provided for our people and always will.

The blue skies and ocean is symbolic of how we are just one part of a larger creation.