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Abby Abinanti
Chief Judge

Jessica Carter
Court Administrator -

Jennifer Burgess
Court Administrator -

Anthony Trombetti
Wellness Court Coordinator

Jolanda Ingram-Obie
Criminal Staff Attorney

Denise Bareilles
Child Support Attorney/Manager

Sky Thompson
Civil Staff Attorney

Lori Nesbitt
Probation Officer

Ron Bates
Probation Officer

Andrea McCovey
Court Clerk II

Anthony Obie
Program Support Driver

Katelyn Sanderson
Administrative Assistant t

Kristina Moseley
Administrative Assistant t

Yurok Tribe
Klamath Office
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Yurok Child Support Services (Tribal IV-D)


Our Program

The Yurok Tribe was awarded a Child Support Planning Grant to set up its own Tribal Child Support Program with its own respective child support laws, and policies and procedures to operate the program. We anticipate that the program will be providing direct services in late 2013.

The Program will offer the following services: locating non-custodial and custodial parents, establishing paternity by voluntary declaration or court order, establishing child support orders, providing a non-cash alternative for child support payments, petitioning the Yurok Tribal Court to issue orders for Yurok Reservation employers to withhold wages, collecting and processing child support payments, and extinguishing 90% of past due child support debt owed to the State of California (specific eligibility criteria).

For more information please contact Denise Bareilles, Yurok Child Support Services Staff Attorney at (707) 269-0695 or


Yurok Child Support Services Forms

Application for services (click here)

Paternity affidavit form (click here)

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