Alicia McQuillen

Yurok Tribal Court

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Abby Abinanti

Chief Judge

Jessica Carter

Assistant Director

Natosha Boulby

Court Clerk III

Antoinette Hecker

Court Clerk I


Celina Kleinhans

Administrative Assistant

Laura Woods


Maggie Poffenbarger

Legal Access Advocate


Youth Wellness Coordinator

James Kleinhans

Bailiff/Process Server


Humboldt Probation Officer

Lori Nesbitt

Del Norte Probation Officer

Vicky Bates

Victim Service Coordinator

Kayla Henry

Victim Advocate/Crisis Worker

Kapoon Tripp

Out Reach Specialist

Jennifer Burgess

Child Support Office Manager

Shalishah Harmon

Child Support Case Specialist

Tawny Snow

Child Support Account Specialist

Tedd Childs

Child Support Case Specialis





    Yurok Justice Center
    230 Klamath Blvd.
    Klamath, CA 95548

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Yurok Tribal Court

Our Mission

To support the traditional village values of the people, and to have those values inform the development of the Court as a modern institution. The Court's role is to protect the values of the people, to support the development of those values within each member of the community, and to ensure that our responsibility to protect our traditions and traditional lands are carried out.


Our History

The Yurok Tribal Court has been developed as an effective tribal justice system encompassing both traditional principles as well as contemporary jurisprudence for the Yurok People. The Court was originally established in 1974, by the U.S. Federal government, in response to requests from various agencies and enactment of the Magnuson Act by Congress. The Court was set up as a Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Court on the Hoopa Indian Reservation to regulate Indian fishing on the Trinity and Klamath Rivers.

In 1978, the Bureau of Indian Affairs established another Branch of this court in Klamath, California to regulate Indian Fishing on the Klamath River. The Court originally reviewed fishing cases forwarded from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) law enforcement officers monitoring Indian fishing activity on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers.

The CFR Court operated under CFR 25 Part 11, was limited to special fishing offenses and BIA auspices until the year 1993. The Yurok Tribe after formal organization under the Yurok Constitution took over the CFR contract for the Court and the disposition of fishing cases.

The Yurok Tribal Court was still under the jurisdiction of CFR 25 Part 11 until the adoption of the Yurok Tribe Judicial Branch Ordinance in 1996 and the institution of the Tribe Fishing Ordinance in 1996. At that time, measures were taken to cease operation of the Court under CFR 25 and transfer jurisdiction to the Tribe under its Constitution and ordinances.

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