Youth Against Meth

Welcome to the Yurok Tribe Methamphetamine Initiative Project’s Youth page!
Here you will find the necessary information that you need to know to keep away from drugs and alcohol.  Take a look into some of our statistical pages and links.  You may also find some informational games that you can play or spread to all of your friends.  While we can give you the basic information, it is you that will need to make the correct choice when the time comes.
Have you ever been confronted with a situation where you needed to make a decision about drugs or alcohol?  How did you act?  Would your parents, or those who you look up to, be proud of your decision making?
Friends can be both good and bad.  Friends may come to you offering good times lots of laughs.  If any of these “good times” involve drugs and alcohol, it is your responsibility to just say no.  If your friends are falling victim to drugs and alcohol, you can be their savior.  It won’t be easy, though.  Standing against your friends’ bad decisions is one of the toughest, yet most important functions of being a true friend.  A true friend will help loved ones around them into making the correct choices in life.
Have you seen family members whose lives have been destroyed by drugs or alcohol?  How have you tried to help them?  Are you helping them to make the correct choices?
The reality is that drugs and alcohol affect everyone at one point or another.  Drugs and alcohol prey on weakness and vulnerability.  All it takes is for you to be strong and stand against drugs and alcohol.  Family members often times have extra stressors that may lead them into thinking that drugs and alcohol are the easy way out.  This is incorrect.  The path that chooses drugs and alcohol is a one way street in the wrong direction.  You may help your family members by showing them that there are more important things than substance abuse.  Show them your spirituality and your culture.  Show them what you’ve learned and how they can make the correct choices like you have.  Show them that you love them and you depend on them being in your life. 

Here are some other websites that you may find useful and fun for leaning about the dangers of Methamphetamines:

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