How do you treat meth use?

Unfortunately, there are no proven pharmaceutical treatments for lessening and ultimately stopping meth use.  Meth use is most commonly treated through rehabilitation facilities and programs that are geared toward altering the users way of thinking and behaviors that led them to meth addiction.  Instead of thinking that they need methamphetamines and how can they get their next fix, behaviors and thought processes are altered to think of why they don’t need the drug and how they can experience pleasure in a safe manner without using the drug.  Currently these methods for treatment are run via group sessions and therapy through council.  Users involved with this type of treatment also learn different ways of coping with life’s stressors and stay with the group until treatment is complete.
Unfortunately, these methods of treatment can be very costly and time consuming.  Currently the Yurok Tribe’s Methamphetamine Initiative Project is researching and gathering information on treatment options available for tribal members.

Here are some avenues you may take to explore treatment options in your area:

Samhsa - Treatment Facility Locator

Treatment Works

United Inidan Health Services

California Rural Indian Health Board