Protecting Our Children

The fight for our children is probably the most important component in the prevention of meth use in the future.  Our children are vulnerable to drug experimentation, social factors that can lead to drug use, and a general disconnectedness with the tribe and the community. 
To eliminate the possible drug experimentation and social factors that contribute to drug use, the Yurok Tribe Methamphetamine Initiative project has aimed at educating our youth.  Knowledge about drug facts and consequences can lead our children to make the correct choices when faced with these issues.  Parents need to step in and back us up as well.  Parents can and should be as connected to their children and involved in their children’s lives as much as possible.  Statistics show that parents that are involved with their kids lives, have a lower rate of drug abuse and improper behavior.
Our community also needs to be involved with our children.  Festivals and workshops have been held to bring the youth back into Yurok culture and the Yurok way of life.  Having the community involved offers a greater base of support for the parents and ultimately our program.  If we all get involved, less work will need to be done to save our children’s lives.

Here is some local support for the parents of our community:

National Indian Child Welfare Association

PARENTS: The Anti-Drug

Del Norte CASA

Humboldt CASA