Prevention in its raw form is essentially discouragement through education.  Prevention tactics are geared toward the younger crowd who will one day be the elders of the community.  Starting as early as possible, students learn about the negative effects of Meth use and the consequences that can affect the individual, family, and community.  With a greater knowledge base, our children can be ready to make the correct choice when faced with drugs and alcohol.
Our prevention techniques have begun with our schools.  Reaching out to our tribal students has been priority number one for preventing the spread of Methamphetamines.  We have hung posters and signs in their schools.  We have and will continue to hold festivals and workshops for educating our young minds.  Through our work with schools either on or close to the reservation, we have gotten young people involved with the progress of our Methamphetamines Initiative Project.  Our students have helped with fund raisers and poster designs.  They have also helped with the creation of Public Service Announcements that have aired on local radio stations.  
Prevention techniques don’t have to be limited to the local level.  We do not need to create “islands” of prevention oriented people with little to no coordination.  Here are some links to agencies whose information can be used for prevention purposes: 

Meth Watch


Oregon Partnership

National Congress of American Indians