About Our Project

Our project consists of a collection of people with talents and experience in project coordination, policing tactics, GIS Crime mapping, drug rehabilitation and agency coordination, and the leadership that this community needs to take a stand against Methamphetamines.  Our project is the part of a national campaign against Meth and is funded under the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS).
During our project, our intent is to eliminate the presence of Methamphetamines and other drugs on the Yurok Indian reservation.  We also intend to bring the community together to ensure that a cleaner drug-free future awaits our children.
During the initial phases of the project, we have been making connections and partnerships with neighboring agencies and departments that share our goal.  We have also been getting the word out to the community.  We have created posters, Public Service Announcements, other advertisements that have and will continue to reach out into the far reaches of this rural community.
We have also been increasing the capabilities of our local law enforcement agencies by purchasing and training officers on new technologies that aid in policing practices.  We have brought crime mapping and analysis to the Yurok Tribal Police.  With an increase in the man-power, knowledge, and technology, policing for our local officers is made easier and their time can be more geared towards concentrating on our drug problems.
Throughout this process we have been out in the community, educating about the effects of Meth and how we, as a program can help.  The Methamphetamine Initiative Project will also be implementing strategies as directed by the meth steering committee in the coming future.  These strategies will be geared towards bringing the community together and establishing methods for preventing new meth users.   

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