About Methamphetamines

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive stimulant that attacks the brain.  Meth can be created many ways using simple household products.  When mixed in the correct portions and processed in some specific methods, meth can be created in crystalline, powder, or rock formations.  These different forms of Meth can be smoked, ingested, injected, and sniffed up the nose.  Meth is also known as Ice, chalk, Dope, Speed, crystal, crank, and glass. 
To the user, the meth high gives a quick rush followed by a long period of euphoria.  The user may also experience increased physical activity, loss of sleep, and a decrease in appetite.  Many users will excessively work on one task such as cleaning for hours at a time.  Often times, meth users also experience a heightened sexual drive.   Following the feeling of euphoria, which may last for hours, the user can go through what is known as “the Crash”.  During the crash, the subject may sleep for days, eat more, and become abnormally anxious.  The meth user may also become unusually depressed and suicidal.  During this time the meth user can also be overly agitated and may lash out with physical violence and aggression.  In this way Methamphetamine hooks the user by offering an initial pleasurable feeling followed by an extremely unpleasant, depressing period. 
With Meth, addiction may very quick; some say almost instantaneous due to the first and most potent high.  With time and continued use, meth has less and less effect on the body, which makes the user need more and more to get reach that original high.  Soon the user will do anything for their next fix.  This may include physically harming family and friends who may be in the way, stealing and other criminal behavior, and prostitution.

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