Welcome to COPS Methamphetamine Initiative Project

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We intend this website to be used for information about Methamphetamines, guidance on how we can help you, and steps you can take to help yourself and anyone else who may be affected by methamphetamines.                      
Across the Yurok Indian Reservation here in Northern California, the Meth problem has become an epidemic to our community.  Almost everyone can say that they know at least one person whose life has been affected by Meth in one way or another.  There are parents using Meth, Children or friends of children using meth, neighbors and others cooking and/or dealing meth, and Yurok people whose lives have been destroyed by Meth.
Meth is a downward spiral that will take a normal person and eventually transform them into an excessive drug addict, willing to do anything for their next fix.  They will harm themselves, family members, and community members, alienating themselves from the community and the tribe.
This site is here for your help.  It is time to stop thinking that this problem will have no end and start doing something about it.  In this site you’ll find programs that have worked and communities that have helped themselves get out of the grasp of Meth.  If we can clean-up our community today, we will have a brighter future for tomorrow.  Every little bit counts.
In this site you’ll find information about this horrible drug, Local/state/national resources in our community that you can take part in, treatment options for you or your family members to pursue, useful links for kids and likewise useful links for parents, links to agencies that take the lead in Policing the meth problem, and other groups involved with the fight against meth.