Water Quality Permit Page

Date Issued Project Proponent Project Name Waterbody and Location
11/02/2004 FHWA/RNPSP alder camp permit Richardson Creek, Klamath, CA
6/20/2005 CalTrans klamath grade raise geotech permit Klamath River, Spruce Creek, Panther Creek, Hunter Creek,  - Klamath, CA
4/18/2007 Del Norte County Klamath Beach Road Repair

Klamath River/Estuary

Klamath, CA

4/18/2007 CalTrans Highway 169 four bridge replacement

Cappell Creek, Mawah Creek, Martin's Ferry School Creek

Weitchpec, CA

5/7/2007 IHS/Yurok Tribe Weitchpec Waterline Repair

Gist Creek

Weitchpec, CA

5/9/2007 Yurok Tribe Wautec Line Extension

Klamath River, various tributaries along hwy 169,

Weitchpec to Pecwan, CA