YTEP 128(a) Tribal Response/Brownfields Program

Brownfields Program Manager:

Kathleen Sloan



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Brownfields Specialist:

Suzanne Fluharty

Environmental Health Specialist

Community and Ecosystems


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HazMat/Emergency Response:

Ray Martell
Assistant Director, Pollution Prevention


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Yurok Tribe
Klamath Office
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128(a) Tribal Response/Brownfields Program

A "Brownfield" can be defined as any currently unused piece of property, where based on its past land use history, the community perceives that it contains some form of contamination rendering it unusable. Common examples of brownfields sites on the Yurok Reservation include former mill sites, abandoned gas stations, illegal dumpsites and abandoned mining sites.

Since 2006, YTEP has worked to inventory all potential Brownfields sites, and prioritize these sites for investigation and assessment within the Yurok Reservation. YTEP has developed in-house capacity to complete Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and has been conducting these Phase I Assessments for selected, prioritized sites since 2010. YTEP has worked closely with a qualified contractor, Freshwater Environmental Services, to conduct Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on selected sites determined to warrant further investigation and testing under the Phase I Assessments completed. Copies of completed Phase I and Phase II ESA reports can be found under the Pollution Prevention Reports and Documents section of the YTEP website.

YTEP has utilized the USEPA 128(a) Tribal Response Program grant funding to build our Brownfields Program and also Emergency Response capacity for the Yurok Reservation. 128(a) funding has trained YTEP, Emergency Services and Yurok Public Safety in environmental investigation, enforcement and hazardous materials emergency response. The training and related certifications have helped the Tribe develop the capacity to plan for and respond to hazardous spills and accidental releases within the reservation or the Klamath River to enable prompt response and remedition in the event of an accident or natural disaster.

YTEP is currently working on the development of Tribal Cleanup Standards to guide the remediation and cleanup of any confirmed Brownfields sites. These standards will direct the levels of cleanup to ensure continued and/or restored cultural and beneficial uses by Yurok People.

Future activites will include identifying sites suitable and in need of remediation and cleanup for restored use. Once a suitable site is identified, YTEP will apply for reuse and redevelopment funding from USEPA to restore a confirmed Brownfields site for tribal cultural or economic uses.

YTEP's 128(a) Tribal Response/Brownfields Program is within the Community and Ecosystems Division. Under the supervision of the YTEP Director, the Program the tasks are shared between Environmental Health, Suzanne Fluharty, and Pollution Prevention, Ray Martell. Suzanne Fluharty manages the Brownfields Inventory and Database, conducts risk assessment, and will oversee the completion of the Tribal Cleanup Standards and any future reuse and redevelopment projects. Ray Martell conducts Phase I ESAs for selected sites and oversees the HazMat/Emergency Response components of the Program. YTEP Director coordinates these tasks and staff with Yurok Public Safety and Emergency Services and oversees the Program implementation.

Copies of completed Phase I and Phase II ESA reports can be found here.