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Planning and Community Development News

Yurok Today:'Bringing Power to the Rez'
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2017 Projects, Programs, and Plans

Land Use Planning: The Yurok Land Use Plan is in progress.  Zoning maps have been approved by the Yurok Tribal Council and the next step will be developing interactive zoning maps for Tribal member comment.

Transportation: The Transit system is continuing to grow and the Transportation staff are currently building a large Transportaiton building located at Tulley Creek.

Other exciting projects underway are the Klamath Boulevard art project which will install art designed and fabricated by Tribal members to showcase art works.  The Yurok Justice Center will be under construction for the expansion of the building to house Yurok Public Safety Staff.  The Ke-nek Administration Building is in it's final stages and will be completed by the end of January.  And the Electrification Project continues from Ryerson's to Wautec in the Spring 2017. 

A newly funded project to increase water security for households that rely on surface water systems and experience low flows in the summertime are eligible to recieve extra water storage tanks in exchange for an ageement to forego diverting during low flows.  If interested, contact Nicole Sager at 707-482-1350.

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