Barbara McQuillen

Assistant Coordinator
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  Victoria Carlson
Program Coordinator
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  Brittany Vigil-Burbank
Language Specialist
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  Erika Peters
Administrative Assistant
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Yurok Tribe
Klamath Office
190 Klamath Blvd
PO Box 1027
Klamath, CA 95548



The Teacher Institute Program

The Yurok Tribe Language Program held their first Yurok Language Teacher-Institute training in July of 2007.

We have currently had six summer Teacher Institutes. Each one consisted of classroom management skills, curriculum units and lesson building, learning different teaching methods, and Advanced Grammar training with Dr. Andrew Garrett (UC Berkeley).

Institute Grammar Handouts

summer 2007

summer 2008

summer 2009

summer 2010

summer 2011

 summer 2012

Yurok Language Community Class Schedule

Weitchpec Tribal Office         TBA      
      Klamath Tribal Office            Tuesday           5:30-7pm
      Eureka Tribal Office              Thursday          5:30-7pm


Georgiana Trull's Conversation Book

UC Berkeley - Yurok Language Project

The Yurok Language Project combines fieldwork with Yurok elders (recording texts, words, and grammatical information) and philological analysis of earlier fieldnotes and recordings. We bring new and older work on Yurok together into a single digital archive, incorporating material from as early as 1850 to the present day.


Yurok Language Project


Yurok Teacher Institute

Phrases of the Month

Class Projects

Health continuum/modified kirkeby

Berkeley Language Site


Yurok Language Audio

Yurok Dictionary

Other Resources

Yurok Alphabet Berkeley writing system

New Alphabet adopted by the Yurok Tribe

[AC]quisition [O]f [R]estored [N]ative [S]peech - ACORNS

The purpose of this website is to support language revitalization efforts of Native American tribes. The Acorn is sacred to the tribes of Northern California and Southern Oregon. The name ACORNS is in honor of these tribes who helped spawn this effort. ACORNS is open source and can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. Acorns software works on all computer platforms.

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival

The Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival is an organization devoted to implementing and supporting the revitalization of indigenous California languages. Its mission is to assist California Indians in language maintenance and renewal. The Advocates mission is to make their efforts successful. It is the dream of the Advocates that California Indian languages will once again be spoken in native communities.