August Phrases of the Month 2009

Set 5 of 5 of survival words you would need to know in order to survive a Yurok Language immersion camp

Yurok Language Camp 2005

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49. Ohl-kuem, of course, sure, your welcome                  56. Kues k'ew?, What's your name?

50. Pee'-woh, of course, sure, your welcome                   57. Nek new, my name is

51. Kues wey-ge-nee?, what is it called?                         58. To' wee' shon', that's the truth

52. Kues kee nue hey-goom'? Where are you going?      59. Wey'-k'oh, right now

53. Koh-pey keech ook, I live in Crescent city                  60. Che-la', let's go or let's begin

54. Rek-woy mey'-wo-mechoom',You come from Rekwoy   61. Kues keech roo? what time is it?

55. Klamath kee hey-gok, I am going to Klamath              62. Keech wey', it's finished