April  Phrase of the Month  2009

Set 1 of 5 of survival words you would need to know in order to survive a Yurok Language immersion camp

                         Speaker Jimmie James at Language Camp 2006 in Ken-ek (Tulley Creek)

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   1. Aiy-yu-kwee, Hello                                            7. Skuy soo nek, I am good

   2. Skue-yen' ue koy, Good morning                      8. Mos tey-lek, I am not sick

   3. Skue-yen' ue ke-choyhl, Good afternoon          9. Ey-lekw, I don't know

   4. Skue-yen' we nas-chey-wen, Good night        10. Skuy ne ney-wo-chek, It's good to see you

   5. Kues cho' son-no-wom'? How are you?          11. Wok-hlew, Thank you, I'm glad

   6. Skuy' soo nee-ne-pek, I feel good                   12. Ko-weesh-cho', Thank you

                                                                                      (commonly used for food)