Yurok Basic Phrases

Set 4 of 5 of survival words you would need to know in order to survive a Yurok Language immersion camp

Language Instistute 2007

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  37. Kee kem-mey-ek, I'm going home              43. Ney-wok, I see

  38. Kues tue'__?, Where is __?                       44. Soch-pey-os!, Say it! (singular)

  40. Tee'-naw'?, Who is it?                                46. Kow-wey!, Stop it

  41. Chue kee le'-moh, Let's go                         47. K'ey-luehl!, Watch your mouth!

  42. Chue kee ey'-gah, Let's go eat!                  48. Kom-chuem- em', hes?, Do you understand?