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Repatriation Committee Bylaws

Draft 1 6/9/06                        NAGPRA Committee By-laws


  • Committee PurposeThe Repatriation Committee is an advisory group to the Yurok Tribal Council, with the purpose of addressing all repatriation matters, which range from consultation with museum staff and all other governmental authority complying with repatriation laws, to planning/reburial of human remains and funerary items.
  • Repatriation Committee Member & Council Member Liaison Selection Criteria  – The Committee members are approved based upon the prescribed method outlined in the Yurok Tribe’s Constitution, while committee member nomination is based upon any one of the following criteria:
    • Extensive knowledge of traditional Yurok ceremonial practices
    • Recognized as a traditional Yurok religious leader.
    • Extensive knowledge of traditional Yurok burial practices.
    • Familiar with applicable repatriation laws.
    • Experience in museum/cultural center practices, and or management.


  • Committee Meetings The Committee shall  meet on a regularly monthly basis. The Committee shall attempt to meet on the same day as the Yurok Tribe’s Culture Committee.


  • Quorum – a quorum shall be established if 4 or more committee members are present at the meeting.
  • Notice of Meetings – Tribal Staff shall post notice of the Committee meeting at least 24 hours prior to meeting date.
  • Special MeetingsThe Committee shall provide 24 hours notice to the public if a special meeting is to be held. Special Meetings may be convened with the consent of two Repatriation Committee members and the Committee  Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson.
  • Executive Session – The Committee may meet in executive session under

circumstances established in the Yurok Tribe’s Constitiution, Sec. [ ]. All motions/actions established in executive session shall be recorded in the minutes of the Committee upon completion of executive session.


8.   Elections – Elections may occur on an annual basis if considered

              necessary by the Repatriation Committee or Yurok Tribal Council.


  • Election Process – The election process shall begin with two weeks notice to the general public. At a regular scheduled meeting the Committee members shall nominate individual committee members for the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson seats. No individual shall be nominated for both seats during the election.


The Committee members shall cast their vote by secret ballot or by consensus vote.


                 The elected officials shall begin their term immediately

      following the announcement of the election results.


  • The Committee shall be responsible for advising the Tribal Council on the following:
    • All matters involving repatriation, proposed reburial, excavation and/or removal of human remains, funerary objects, cultural items on the reservation or within ancestral territory.
    • All matters involving repatriation from museums and/or federal agencies, along with related materials involving accession and documentation of Yurok cultural items houses in these institutions.
    • Any matter referred to by the Yurok Tribal Council or advisory committee of the Tribal Council.
  • Public Hearings – The Yurok Tribal Council may appoint the Committee members as hearing panel members per the Yurok Tribe’s Public Hearing Ordinance.
  • Conflict of Interest – The Committee shall adhere to the Yurok Tribe’s Conflict of Interest Policy as adopted on ??? and all amendments, policies, law that may supersede said policy. The Committee may request from the Tribal Council a waiver of the Conflict of Interest Policy when it is clearly established that it is necessary.


  • ConfidentialityThe Committee members shall maintain strict confidentiality regarding all matters brought before them as a committee. If a committee member is believed to have breached confidentiality the committee

shall elect to review the matter. If confidentiality has been breached the

committee may elect to remove the committee member.


  • Member Removal – The Committee may recommend removal of a

      Committee member to the Tribal Council if it can be established that the

      member has violated Committee by-laws or have failed in their duty as a

      Committee member. The Yurok Tribal Council may remove a member from

      the Committee by a majority vote.


                   a. If a Committee member is removed they will be notified in writing within 30 days from the approved Council action.

                   b. If a Committee member resigns they shall provide written notification to the Committee Chairperson and the Tribal Chairperson.


  • Tribal Council Role – The Yurok Tribal Council shall appoint one liaison from the Council to attend the Committee meetings.
    • The Council liaision is responsible for providing the Council with monthly updates and may work collaboratively with the Program staff in providing the monthly updates.
    • The Tribal Council and Committee may hold meetings together at any time deemed appropriate by either the Council or Committee.
  • Ammendments – The Committee may recommend amendments or revisions to the Committee by-laws and request approval from the Tribal Council. Any amendments or revision must be approved by the majority vote of the Committee.
    • The Program staff or Committee shall provide the Tribal Council amendments or revisions in writing and show all proposed changes or existing language.
    • Ammendments or revisions to the Committee By-Laws shall become effective upon approval from the Tribal Council and deliver of certified copies of the amended by-laws to all members of the Committee.
  • Effective Date – The By-laws of the Committee shall become effective upon approval and certification by the Yurok Tribal Council.