Representatives of diverse communities in the Klamath Basin, working with federal, state, tribal and county governments,

have developed a Proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement to rebuild fisheries, sustain agricultural communities,

and resolve other longstanding disputes related to allocation of water resources.

The parties, including the Yurok Tribe, released the Proposed Agreement on January 15, 2008 to inform the public and to provide

public review and comment before taking final action. This is an important first step in a collaborative effort to seek

solutions with the key stakeholders in the Klamath Basin on an environmental restoration strategy.

For more information please see the video and attachments below.

Klamath River Restoration Agreement Video

Restoring the Balance - Klamath Dam Removal Agreements from Thomas B. Dunklin on Vimeo.

Klamath River Restoration Agreement information

Press Release for Proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement1-15-07

Summary of proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement

Proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement January15, 2008